Why LED? (What’s wrong with the light I’ve got?)


Incandescent Bulb Electricity Converted to Light

You know how hot incandescent bulbs become. That’s because they convert only 5 to 10 percent of your electricity into light; they waste the rest as heat.


LED Bulb Electricity Converted to Light

LED bulbs are far more efficient. They convert 60 percent of their electricity into light, so they consume far less electricity. You pay less, you pollute less.

LEDs Are Longer Lasting

LEDs last about 25 times as long as incandescent lighting and three times as long as CFLs; we’re talking maybe 25,000 hours of light.


LEDs Made From Recyclable Material

Environmental Efficiencies

  • Another benefit of LEDs is that they are made mostly from recycled aluminum.
    • 95% of the materials are made from recycled materials.
    • 98% percent of the bulb itself is recyclable.

What will your Energy Audit tell you?