Utility Accounting

EI works with their clients to produce 2 years of utility data (electric, gas & water)
to provide usage baselines & rate structures.


Energy Audit

From an ASHRAE Level 1 walk-through survey to an investment grade audit, EI will assess client facilities to identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) with short payback windows.

• Lighting Retrofits
• Roof Top Unit (RTU) Optimization
• Building Envelope Improvements
• HVAC Controls
• Fuel Switching & Demand Management

Energy Efficient Improvements

General Contracting – EI will design and specify the work, acting as a GC

• Project Management – EI will manage projects for the client


Utility Rebates

EI will research all available rebates through the utilities, apply on the customer’s behalf for the incentives and do all necessary follow up through the project completion and the receipt of the rebate check(s) by the client.

Government Incentives

EI will research all available government grants, cost-sharing or tax incentive programs available regarding energy efficient capital improvements and manage the process of applying to the available programs, specifying projects, implementing projects, certifying/auditing the work completed, etc…